Dubai Introduces Five-Year Visas For Multinational Employees

Dubai Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed

Employees of international companies based in the Emirate will now be able to apply for a five-year visa. This is after Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed announced that Dubai was introducing a five-year entry permit for multinational employees.

According to the Crown Prince, the move will facilitate easy movement of multinationals and their employees to and from Dubai for meetings, conferences and exhibitions held throughout the year.

“Providing a supportive environment helps businesses raise their efficiency, flexibility & speed of decision-making, which in turn enables Dubai to reinforce its status as the world’s best city to live and work in & provide the conditions for institutions & individuals to excel,” Sheikh Hamdan said on Twitter.

Other visa options

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), residency for foreigners is generally tied to employment. The Middle Eastern nation has in recent years introduced new visa options in bid to attract multinationals to the country. 

The country introduced a 10-year Golden Visa in 2019.

It’s targeted at attracting top global talent and investors to Abu Dhabi as part of efforts to reinforce the emirate as an incubator of talent. Successful applicants can live, work, and study in the UAE without a national sponsor for up to 10 years.

The visa is granted to specialists in the fields of science, engineering, health, education, business management and technology. CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs, investors, humanitarian workers, outstanding students, researchers, innovators, scientists, and doctors can apply for the Golden Visa.

According to Alarabiya News, more than 500 doctors in Abu Dhabi have already been issued with the Golden Visa. The Abu Dhabi Media Office (ADMO) said that offering long-term residency in the UAE to the doctors and their families highlight the importance of the healthcare sector,

“The doctors were nominated for their distinguished commitment, responsibility and sacrifice to ensure the health and safety of the community,” ADMO said.

Five-year tourist visa

UAE also introduced a five-year tourist visa in January 2021 open to individuals of all nationalities. Holders of the visa can gain entry into the country multiple times over the period of five years.

But they cannot stay in the country for more than three months in a single year.

Residents who wish to extend their stay beyond the 90 days can file for an extension to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship while still in the UAE. The extension is only up to three more months.

Foreigners who apply for the tourist visa must provide a bank statement for the last six months showing a balance of $4,000, a colored personal photo, copy of the passport, and proof of health insurance.

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