Revealed; Here Are 7 Notable Facts about Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Source; Chicago Sun-Times via AP)

Since time immemorial, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton has portrayed herself as one of the toughest and pragmatic leaders, and on top of that, an outspoken advocate for social justice and women’s rights.

In the course of her political career, the resilient and intelligent politician has made tremendous achievements while serving her roles as a presidential candidate, First lady, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State.

Below are some notable facts about the Democratic presidential nominee that is unheard of;

  1. A unique upbringing

Born on October 26, 1947, Hillary Diane Rodham is the eldest daughter of Hugh and Dorothy Rodhams in a household of three children.

Through the years, her father ran a small-scale drapery fabric business, as well as being a committed Republican from Pennsylvania whereas her mother was a closeted Democrat who deserted her dysfunctional family at the tender age of 14 to work as a nanny.

At the time, the former Secretary of state actively participated in her Methodist Church whilst excelling in her academics. She also demonstrated an interest in politics. 

Thanks to her parent’s unique qualities, Hillary learned the ropes of self-reliance thrift, hard work, and servant leadership.

Back in 2008, during her routine campaign, she would credit her beloved mother as her inspiration, “who had a very difficult childhood, but who gave me a belief that I could do whatever I set my mind [to].”

2. Before Joining Politics, NASA rejected her childhood dream of becoming an astronaut

During her post-election tell-all, Hillary, 74, shared an interesting anecdote highlighting her experience while writing to join NASA at 13 but her expectations didn’t pan out.

Nasa wrote back to her saying they didn’t accept women into the space program which left her feeling ‘infuriated’.

“Like in 8th grade, when I wrote to NASA to say that I dreamt of becoming an astronaut,” she continues, “and someone there wrote back: Sorry, little girl, we don’t accept women into the space program.”

Today, the space program has embraced race and gender diversity that reflects America and its values.

3. She started out a Republican.

Growing up as a teenager, Hillary followed her Republican father’s political direction and her high school history teacher who was more conservative.

Through this, she deemed herself as a republican after Richard Nixon’s defeat where she volunteered for Barry Goldwater’s campaign in 1964 and became a Goldwater Girl.

“I was also an active Young Republican and, later a Goldwater girl right down to my cowgirl outfit and straw cowboy hat emblazoned with the slogan ‘AuH2O.’

While enrolling in Wellesley college in 1965, she pursued a political science major where she served as president of the Young Republicans Club during her freshman year. In 1968, she branched out to the Democratic Party.

4. She was the first woman from Arkansas to be the First Lady of the United States

During her service as America’s 44th first lady, Hillary Clinton became the first woman to be the First Lady from the State of Arkansas.

Similarly, her husband Bill Clinton is the only president of the United States from Arkansas.

5. Hillary Enjoys at Least one Jalapeno Pepper every day

In a candid interview with NPR, she linked her love for spicy cuisines to her capabilities of staying healthy and maintaining her average stamina and endurance.

“I read an article about the special immune-boosting characteristics of hot peppers. I thought that’s interesting because, you know, campaigning is pretty demanding. I’d always liked hot food — Mexican, Indian, Thai — but I started adding hot peppers, and then I got into eating them raw.”

6. Despite her republican upbringing, she became a Democrat

Given her Republican upbringing, she became the head of young republicans while getting into college but eventually branched out to Democrats owing to her deep concerns about the Vietnam War and dedication to the Civil Rights movement.

Soon after, she joined the marines only to be  turned down by the marine recruiter who said, “You’re too old, you can’t see and you’re a woman.”

7. Hillary worked in a fishery canning factory

According to The Times, the former presidential hopeful during the summer between concluding her studies at Wellesley College “went to a fishery canning factory in Valdez, Alaska, and got a job “

Describing it as her “favorite summer job of all time,” Clinton’s brief stint in the fish business evoked fond memories of her cannery career.

On Letterman in 2007, Clinton said that cleaning Alaskan salmon helped shape her future career in the White House.

“One of the best jobs I had to prepare me to be president was sliming fish in Alaska,” noting it was a much-needed role for future success. “The best preparation for being in Washington that you can imagine,” she concluded.

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