Saudi Arabian Who Quit Engineering To Become A Restaurateur

Engineer-turned-chef Ali Al Waeli. Photo/ Supplied

Ali Al Waeli, a Saudi Arabian engineer, has finally achieved his childhood dream to own a chain of eateries. 

Saudi Arabian media reported that Waeli quit his engineering profession to run a chain of restaurants in the kingdom.  

The restaurants serve traditional Saudi dishes and pastries with a modern touch. They have been described as offering a sophisticated concept and homey food. This is attributed to his professional background and love for culinary.

Despite being an electrical engineer by profession, Waeli held on to his passion for making different Saudi dishes.  He uses his culinary skills in creating new dishes, blending his creativity and food passion.

It’s his first time ever operating a restaurant. 

He operates several eateries across Saudi Arabia. Waeli explained he understood that building a successful food business would take time, especially since he had no formal background in the industry. It took him more than seven years after completing university to open his first eatery.

“Culinary is no less important than other specialities and is based on scientific grounds. I decided to enter the culinary field in 2014 after I obtained my degree,” Al Wael said.

He added that it was a calculated risk jumping ship from engineering to the food service industry.

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