Dandora DCI Officers Raid Accommodation Facility, Aborts Travel For 32 Migrant Workers

Photo/ K24

The fate of 32 Kenyan migrant workers is now hanging in the balance after police officers from Dandora Police Station raided their accommodation center.

The girls were due to travel to Saudi Arabia tonight (November 8).

However, Dandora police officers raided their facility in Umoja 3 and arrested the matron citing human trafficking. This is despite the matron presenting the officers with all the necessary documents showing it’s a duly registered recruitment agency. 

All the girls ran away on sighting the police lorry. 

“We are still trying to trace them. But it’s difficult because some of the girls left their bags and phones behind,” Janet Miyano, the director of Saketa International, told Labour.Watch.

She said that the police demanded original registration certificates for the agency. But they are yet to release the matron even after the original documents have been presented. 

DCI office in Dandora. Photo/ Labour.Watch

“They are now saying that they are waiting on the DCI to verify the authenticity of the documents.”

The officers are also accusing the agency of smuggling foreigners, including Ugandans and Sudanese nationals, into the facility for transit to Saudi Arabia. But Janet says all the girls are Kenyan and they had their identification documents with them. 

“You can’t travel to Saudi Arabia from the JKIA with a Ugandan passport,” she said.

At the time of publishing, Janet and the matron were yet to be released by the police.

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